1.) Close any running applications and activate your main desktop, or ‘Finder’.Open ‘Safari’ (or your favorite web browser) to continue to the next step.

2.) Now, open ‘Tunnelblick’ and look for the navigation bar. Click the ‘Downloads’ link and choose the link for the latest stable release for your specific operating system version. Currently 3.4.4. Once the download completes, find the downloaded item in the ‘Downloads’ dialog, and double-click to continue to the next step.

3.) Double-click the ‘Tunnelblick’ installer to begin and move to the next step.

4.) Click the ‘Open’ button to begin installation.

5.) When prompted  for Administrator credentials – enter the ‘Name’ and the password associated with that account, then click the ‘OK’ button to continue to the next step.

6.) Once completed, you will see ‘Installation succeeded’ dialog then click the ‘Quit’ button to move on.

7.) Download Mac Profiles from VPN Control Panel -> Servers -> Mac Pro files to your Downloads folder.

8.) Unzip the Mac profiles and Double-click on any profile you wish to install.

9.) When prompted with  ‘Install Configuration For All Users ?’ dialog, choose ‘Only Me’.

10.) The ‘Tunnelblick’ icon will now show on your desktop, to use it double-click on the icon and choose the CheapestVPN location you wish to connect to.

11.) This time CheapestVPN credentials are requested by Tunnelblick. Enter your ‘username and password’.

12.) Near the ‘Tunnelblick’ icon you will see notification messages, look for the ‘Connected’ messages once the tunnel has been successfully initialized.

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