Windows 7 PPTP VPN Setup

1.) Click the ‘Start’ button and choose ‘Control Panel’.

2.) Once inside the CONTROL PANEL, click on the ‘Network and Sharing Center’.

3. ) Click on ‘Setup a new connection or network’.

4.) Select the option ‘Connect to a workplace’ then click ‘Next’.

5.) NOTE: If you have previously configured any other custom connections in the ‘Network and Sharing Center’, this option may appear if but If you do not see this panel, please move on to the next step. Otherwise, select the radio button labeled ‘No, create a new connection’, and continue forward with the ‘Next’ button on the bottom as before. Click on ‘Use my internet connection (VPN)’.

6 .)Then enter the CheapestVPN server information on the ‘internet address’ field as for ‘destination name’ field you may enter whatever you wish. Click ‘Next’.

7.) Enter the Username and Password that you have set up during sign up. Remember to tick the option ‘Remember this Password’ in case you have forgotten your login details. Do not fill the ‘Domain’ field. Click the ‘Connect/Create’ button in the lower-right corner to continue.

8.) Now click the “Close” button .

9 .) Then go back to ‘Network and Sharing Center’ again and click ‘Change Adapter Settings’.

10.) If you want to setup L2TP VPN, right click on the connection you made earlier then click on ‘Properties’.

11.) Click on Options tab and untick ‘Include Windows logon domain’ then click ‘OK’.

12 .) To test your settings and login credentials go to ‘Notification Area’ and find the connection made earlier and click the ‘Connect’ button

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