Ed Snowden's Latest Interview
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Ed Snowden’s Latest Interview

Ed Snowden’s Latest Interview


Ed Snowden’s Clarion Call

Throughout the middle ages the clarion bell or trumpet was used to sound out emergencies, the arrival of a King, or the threat of war. So today, in Ed Snowden’s latest interview, he has given the clarions call and asked us all to protect ourselves, and more importantly, to protect our privacy from the many different kinds of online privacy abuses there are today.

Be it hacking, snooping, spying, stealing your personal information or dropping a virus in your lap, Edward Snowden implores us to use an SSL VPN. ie: Encrypt your data. It’s that simple! It’s a really cheap and safe way to privately run your business, home computer, lap top and iphone on your own VPN; Virtual Private Network.

By using a cheapestvpn.net secured socket layer virtual private network for surfing, talking with your friends, or doing business online, you can now be completely anonymous. That’s right! Totally surf in secret. No one will even know you were even there. Even in a public Wifi hot spot where you wouldn’t expect to get web privacy.

A Virtual Private Network sends your encrypted info through a secure tunnel over the Internet. Without anyone else seeing it at all. This technology can also be cheaply used on your Android iPhone or lap top. Your social networks could be yours again.

No Google snoops trying to find out what to sell you. You can have all the privacy you want back again. Like it used to be. A long time ago. Think about the relief from the stress of always knowing you could be being watched. Listened to, photographed, stalked and even preyed upon. Having to always watch your tongue. Just in case some zealot with HLS gets a mad on for you. How 1984.

Imagine the weight off of your shoulders when you begin to learn how to be in the world again without having to hold the tension pattern of hiding inside your body from the world? Hunkered down and cloaking, making yourself small and peering out at the world.

Well breathe. Breathe deeply. Because that golden quality of privacy from yesteryear is back. We’re free! Free again. So stand up and breathe some more. The word inhale comes from “to inspirate”, or, “to in spirit” or “inspire”. Fill your self up. Edward Snowden has given you an enormous gift here. It’s for everyone. That’s huge!

It’s so big, in fact. That it will probably take you some time after having used a VPN for a while, before you start to realize that you are bigger than you thought you were. You begin by talking more freely and then responding more freely. Your demeanor becomes more spontaneously open and light. You start to feel healthier overall. Is that not a great gift? It’s not like getting your life back, it is getting your life back. Without a huge stress hanging over your head all the time.

Last year when we first heard of Ed Snowden, two thirds of America didn’t like him. Today the polls say that two thirds of America really like him, and growing all the time. Ed says that encryption isn’t entirely totally safe though. By that he means that if the whole of everyone in the NSA took all their resources and focused them totally on you, they could open one encrypted message, but at what cost? It’s huge.

That large an organization. All those hundreds of people. All that work. Four days minimum! Do they really want your facebook update that badly? That phone call? I think they have better fish to fry. Don’t you? Mostly, they can no longer blanket eavesdrop all the time on all the citizens of America, and the rest of the world, and then just take everything. We’re safe now!

We can go back to a stature of dignity. Like the old Europeans approach to their own privacy and private matters. It’s theirs, and theirs alone, and nobody else’s. We have been given a huge gift that many will never even know the source was Edward Snowden.

I think we have a debt of gratitude to extend to Ed Snowden and the gifts he has clearly bestowed upon us. Thanks Edward! You’re a real patriot. I really enjoyed your latest interview by the way.

Harreson Waymen at cheapestvpn.net.

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