Edward Snowden's Latest Leaks
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Edward Snowden’s Latest Leaks

Edward Snowden’s Latest Leaks

Edward Snowden ReSet The Net Revolution


Here’s the good news from Ed’s latest leaks we have all been waiting for, Edward Snowden is starting a new movement unbeknownst to himself, it’s called the “Reset The Net” revolution. According to WASHINGTON: “Some of the largest technology firms and activists marked the anniversary of Edward Snowden’s leaks yesterday with new efforts to thwart online snooping and boost privacy.”

A coalition of companies and digital activist groups unveiled new steps in their “Reset the Net” campaign – stepping up encryption to keep online activity free from government surveillance.

The moves came one year after the first reports published from secret documents leaked by Snowden describing the vast electronic surveillance programs of the US National Security Agency and other intelligence services – revelations which roiled US relations with allies and others and rocked the technology community.

In their latest response, the companies in the “Fight for the Future” coalition were unveiling tougher security standards or promoting new privacy safeguards.”

It’s been one year since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the US government’s abusive spying programs. In that time Congress and the Obama Administration have failed to protect our rights,” said Tiffiniy Cheng, spokeswoman for the coalition.


Now, they’ve got a rebellion on their hands as tech companies and internet users work together to directly intervene in mass surveillance and block the NSA and its kind from the Web.” You can do your part by buying a VPN to protect yourself online. Find out more at cheapestvpn.net

This means that more and more people need to know about using VPN’s to encrypt their data and surfing trails by being anonymous online. For just a small sum per month you can literally disappear online. Be completely private and learn how to relax once again knowing that big brother or sister is watching you.

It’s the health aspect that moves me the most. We need to reclaim our health. Not live in suspicion. In Buddhist thought, suspicion is one of the few emotions they strongly say to stay away from completely altogether. Just look at a group of retired police officers. See any openess? See any willingness to accept a person for who they are? Or do they look through the tired lenses they cannot remove if they wanted to, at the suspect, not the person before them. Suspicion shrivels your soul!

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