MAC OpenVPN Setup

1.) Click the Apple icon, and look for the ‘System Preferences’ item. Click the ‘System Preferences’ item. Alternatively, you may also click the ‘System Preferences’ icon in your dock to continue.

2.) Inside ‘System Preferences’ look for the ‘Internet and Wireless‘ category or look for the ‘Network’ icon. Click the icon.

3.) At this point, administrative privileges will be required and to move forward you need to locate for the ‘lock’ icon that can be found in the lower-left corner labeled ‘click the lock to make changes’, and click to continue. If you already see this icon go to step 5.

4.) Enter your username and password on the login dialog that will appear and click ‘OK’. If your login credentials did not work or you do not have the account information, you may need to contact Apple for support.

5.) Click on “+” button found in the lower-left corner to create a new connection.

6.) Look and click for the ‘interface’ drop-down menu once the resulting dialog appears. Choose the item labeled ‘VPN’ to continue,  then click the second drop-down item labeled ‘VPN Type’. Select the ‘PPTP’ item from the drop-down selection and move on. Enter a descriptive name in the ‘Service Name’ field, you may enter any name you desire then click ‘Create’.

7.) Enter your CheapesVPN server IP on the ‘Server Address’ field. Remember that geographical location may be a concern when choosing a server to connect to. Enter your username in the ‘Account Name’ field. Confirm that the ‘Encryption’ drop-down box is set to the default ‘Automatic (128 bit or 40 bit)’ setting. Lastly, locate the ‘Authentication Settings’ button, and click to move on.

8.) A resulting dialog will appear, do not forget to enter your ‘Password’ in the password field and then click ‘OK’.

9.) Click the ‘Advanced’ button to continue, once inside the ‘Advanced’ settings locate the ‘Option’ category. Tick the third checkbox down, labeled ‘Send all traffic over VPN connection’, then click the ‘OK’ button in the lower-right corner to continue.

10.) Click the ‘connect’ button below the ‘authentication’ settings to test your new connection.

11.) As the session to CheapestVPN server opens, watch the ‘Status’ indicator at the top of the pane for any error or warning messages.

12.)  Once you are connected, look for the ‘Status: Connected’ message with the ‘Connection Time:’ and ‘IP Address’ details.

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