Windows XP OpenVPN Setup

1.) From User Control Panel -> Servers -> Download the CheapestVPN Profiles.

2.) Now go to the CheapestVPN Community Downloads page then download and install version x.x.x. Once done, open and install the program using all the default settings.

3.) Sometimes you may require administrative right depending on your user privileges or operating system settings. If a username and password are requested, enter the credentials for an Administrator account. Once installation has begun, click the ‘Next >’ button on the first step to continue.

4.) Make sure that you read through the terms of use and agree to those terms by clicking the ‘I Agree’ button at the bottom of the pane.

5.) Click the ‘Next’ button. Remember that there are no changes that needs to be made to the installation options, however you may want to scroll through and check that each item is ticked.

6.) Make sure that you check the contents of the ‘Destination Folder’ field, in most cases there is already a default option for the ‘Destination Folder’. But if you have an external drive plugged in, do not forget to double-check that the installer isn’t trying to place the destination directory on your external device. Once you have confirmed your ‘Destination Folder’ click the ‘Install’ button.

7.) During installation, you may notice a brief pause as the TAP driver is installed (‘TAP INSTALL (tap-0901)’ label). During this stage of installation and a ‘Windows Security’ dialog pops up, just click the ‘Continue’ button or enter your login credentials. Installation will then finally be completed once the ‘TAP Driver’ installation finishes. Move on to the next step once further input is required.

8.) You will see a ‘Completed‘ status once all the required files and components have been successfully installed then click the Finish’ button.

9.) On your desktop, choose the ‘CheapestVPN’ icon and right click then choose ‘Properties’.

10.) Click the ‘Advanced’ button, tick ‘Run as administrator’ and click ok on ‘Properties’ windows.

11.) It will now run as administrator, next step is to unzip the ‘’ file that was obtained previously in step two , and copy the cheapestvpn location that you are interested to ‘config’ directory, under the the ‘CheapestVPN’ folder. If you chose the default install path during the install process , it is located in ‘C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config’ or ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenVPN\config’.


12.) Once extraction is done, hover your mouse to the ‘CHEAPESTVPN GUI’ icon in the lower-right corner of your taskbar. Right-click the CHEAPESTVPN GUI’ icon, then locate the server you desire and click the ‘Connect’ item to move on to the next step.

13.) Enter your CheapestVPN username and password then click ‘OK’. You should see a successful connection prompt down in the right bottom.

14.) You may notice status messages scrolling through the ‘CheapestVPN Console’. When the secure tunnel is finally established, the console will disappear, and the status indicator shown in the sample image will appear in your notification area.


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