Ubuntu PPTP VPN Setup

1.) Go to the ‘Network Manager Indicator’ icon you can find in the ‘Notification Area’ on the default desktop panel. Click this icon, and go to the ‘VPN Connections’ item – click the ‘Configure VPN…’ item in the expanded menu to continue.

2.) A new window will open asking you to choose a ‘Choose a Connection’ type,  select ‘Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol(PPTP)’ and click on ‘Create’.

3.) Confirm whether the ‘VPN’ tab is active in the current window then click the ‘Add’ button.

4.) Enter ‘CheapestVPN’ for connection name and fill out the ‘Gateway‘ field with the CheapestVPN host IP. On the optional category, enter your details (username and password). then click the ‘Advanced’ button.

5.) On ‘Security and Compression’ label, tick the checkbox labeled ‘Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPEE)’. Then, scroll through the frame labeled ‘Authentication’, and confirm that ONLY the MSCHAP and MSCHAPv2 boxes are ticked. Lastly, click the ‘OK’ button in the bottom-right corner of the panel to continue.

6.) G0 back to the Network Connections panel, and click the ‘Close’ button located at the bottom-right corner to continue.

7.)  Just like on Step 1, click on the ‘Network Manager Indicator’ icon, located in the ‘Notification Area’, and then navigate to the ‘VPN Connections’ as preformed in the first step. You should see an additional item labeled as the ‘Connection name:’ you may click this item to initialize the connection.

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